Pepelux, Seville Spain Hybrid-Techno-Metal



I live in Seville. I began playing music as a bassist and drummer for various bands. Then I worked on mixing for many year and now I make the music. I am interested in networking with musicians and other people who know people; I am a friend of friends. I am a Very adamant fan of Stan Lee. Growing up, I had a great collection of MARVEL comics. Some of my tracks are a tribute: MY name is electra, Green Lantern and the last one, Green Goblin is over your head; all are in honor of Stan and his amazing body of work. I am also really into the Star Wars saga and other sci-fi movies. I made concept tracks inspired by the Imperial March first, the man of hoth planet, Outlaws ciborgs, etc.

                                     Pepelux Seville Spain, Electric-Metal-Chemical-Beats                 
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